Marathon & TACT

I’m running the 2013 London Marathon and whilst putting myself  through this madness I aim to raise money for a great Charity TACT The Adolescent and Child Trust.I have written about why  a little bit about this charity  and my enthusiasm for what they aim to achieve in The Care Inquiry in a blog post (read it here). I intend to write lots more about my journey to the start line and will post lots of information here on how you can help support me.

My first fundraising enterprise is my Lavender Hearts…..

I have previously made lavender hearts as part of Freda and Me, my creative making persona. Now these hearts are my TACT lavender hearts.

Each Heart is £4 (including postage to any UK address) with £2 going to TACT.

Made from Recycled and vintage materials they are stuffed with the finest Yorkshire Lavender and are hand sewn with love and care. Each one is unique with different buttons, thread colours and ribbon used.
As I make these hearts from recycled and vintage materials some fabric designs are limited. I intend to make them in batches of approx 10 and will post the latest ones on The Puffin Diaries facebook page where you can also contact me to purchase one. I have a Paypal account or we can discuss other payment methods through a direct message.


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